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Climbing Equipment

Playgrounds USA bring a wide variety of climber for a major development of the children health.

When you buy playground climbing equipment to create a activity center most important is safe and fun way for kids enjoy. Children of many different ages love to climb. Reinforce that love and promote a healthy lifestyle with Climbers,Monkey bars, Fences, Boulders, Climbing walls, and Obstacle zone and other uniquely-built playground climbers. These fun items can create active focus, build upper-body and full-body strength, and create a sense of community. Enable kids to enjoy one of the most fun outdoor activities available to them with our unique climbers!

Our playground climbing equipment would look great in any public park, community area, school yard, or kid-friendly commercial space. They make a great addition to a pre-existing playground, or Free standing zone, can bring a new, kid-friendly atmosphere to a public area. Playgrounds USA Climber department try to find the playground climbing equipment that's best for your community and keep in mind the age group of the children you want to bring to your space and determine age group.
Many of our boulders and shorter climbers may be appropriate for kids from two to five years old. On the other hand, our taller and more dynamic monkey bars and climbing materials may be good for kids between five to twelve years old. Check the product description to find specifications and appropriate age groups.

No matter the age group and height, you can ensure any potential falls are low impact by creating a sandy or soft surface underneath. While helping youngsters build muscles, our playground climbers are both safe and weather-resistant. Also, many playground climbers come in a variety of different colors, so you can find both the design and hue that best fits your surrounding park. With such a huge assortment of possibilities for sale in Playgrounds USA attendant all idea of the customer, we are confident that we can help you find the right shape, the right size, and the right level of challenge for your community's kids.
Many of our options are available for quick delivery. Choose the item you want and then put it into your quote cart to request a quote online. You can also learn more by call us or starting a live chat.

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